Posters are the tried and tested way to get your notice in front of potential customers. Today’s large format digital printing makes it very easy to get big, vibrant, full colour printed posters, at reasonable cost.

How you can use posters on the Central Coast

You can use posters to advertise, promote, win elections and generally grab attention. They are the ultimate eye-catching advertising placard for business or government use, including:

  • Any public notice or announcement
  • Hanging posters in shops
  • Outdoor wall posters
  • Indoor ‘special offer’ posters
  • Retail ‘Sale’ posters
  • Informational posters (OH&S)
  • Election posters
  • Band posters

Why not add posters to your marketing mix and see how this versatile promotional tool will build your brand and grow sales?

Whatever the size and whatever the quantity, Expression Printing have a poster solution to suit you.

Poster sizes

Poster sizes can be confusing! The fact is a poster can be any size you need (and custom sizes are no problem for us) however the most popular sizes of posters printed in Australia are to the international ISO standard ‘A’ and ‘B’ sizes. These sizes are most likely to fit standard frames and signage fittings:

  • B0 (1000mm x 1414mm)
  • A0 (841mm x 1189mm)
  • A1 (594mm x 841mm)
  • A2 (420mm x 594mm)
  • A3 (297mm x 420mm)

As well, the 30 inch x 40 inch poster (760mm x 1016mm) is a common size used in shopping centres.

Poster Stock Options

Our posters are printed on various stocks according to their intended use. Consider if your posters are for indoor or outdoor use, the image quality you need and how long you want your posters to last without fading.

Poster Description Single or Double Sided Suitable for UV Curl Resistant Block-out  Lamination
 Laminated Poster  250gsm Polypropylene  Single  Indoor  No No No Yes (Matt/Gloss)
Yupo 180gsm Yupo Single Indoor & Outdoor Yes No No No
 Curl Resist Poster  380gsm Curl Free Film (PVC)  Single Indoor   No  Yes No Yes (Matt) 
UV Poster   200gsm Synthetic Paper  Single Indoor & Outdoor Yes Yes No No

 Curl Resist Blockout Poster

 340gsm Synthetic Paper  Single Indoor & Outdoor  Yes Yes  Yes No
 Double Sided Yupo  250gsm Yupo  Double  Indoor & Outdoor Yes No Yes No
 Double Sided Super Smooth 440gsm Blockout Vinyl (250 denier)  Double Indoor Yes No Yes No

The options above let you create custom posters to suit your needs and display situation. Whether you want one or one thousand prints, or need help with your poster design concept, look to Expression Printing for all of your advertising posters.

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