Supplying Artwork

Here are some guidelines to help you supply your own artwork.

"Artwork" means a digital file from which we can produce a printing plate. As our pre-press is all digital (“Computer To Plate”), i.e. no film or hard artwork copy, we accept digital artwork files only. (Artwork does not mean previously printed copies of business cards, letterheads or other stationery).

Media accepted

We can accept documents and pictures supplied through Yousendit, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , USB, DVD, Blu-Ray, CD.

You can give us pictures and hard copies of logos/graphics for us to scan for you. If you are supplying a logo for scanning, it should be as large as possible (max. A4) and on a white background, clean and sharp, not folded. Images/photographs that have already been commercially printed are not always usable and may not reproduce well as they have already been screened into dots. The reproduced version may show a moiré pattern.

Faxed logos and graphics are NOT acceptable to use. If you would like us to match a particular typeface and have a sample, then you can fax that to us.

Formats accepted

• Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) - PREFERRED
• Adobe InDesign CS4 (.indd or .inx)
• Adobe Illustrator CS4 (.ai or .eps)
• Adobe Photoshop CS4 (.psd, .pdd or .eps)
• Quark XPress 8 (.qxp) or Quark XPress 5 (.qxd)

Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)

High resolution, press ready. Please embed all your fonts, use 3mm bleed all edges, and include crop marks. Please pre-flight prior to supplying. Make sure colours used to create your file are CMYK, not RGB, or if using PMS colours, that these are included in the file. That included images are no less than 300ppi (pixels per inch).

InDesign CS4 (.indd or .inx) and Quark XPress 8 (.qxp) and Quark XPress 5 (.qxd)

These are the programs used for artwork production. Please specify and supply fonts used, and any linked images you have imported. The best way to do this is to “Package” your file.

Adobe Illustrator CS4 (.ai, .eps)

Again, please specify and supply fonts used or create outlines to avoid the font issue. Also supply or embed any images used. When specifying PMS spot colours, please use the Pantone Coated or Uncoated colour swatches, not the CMYK equivalent.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 (.psd)

Minimum resolution 300ppi at the size at which it is to be printed.

Other files

Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx or .doc) for text use only.

There are a few things to bear in mind when supplying us with Word files:

Word files on your computer will not necessarily look the same on ours, and will print differently according to computer and printer.

Word is essentially a program for word processing, and does not have the graphic control of programs such as InDesign, Quark, and Illustrator. To avoid problems, therefore ...

Please specify in writing the fonts you have used in your document and supply them to us.

Supply a hard copy or a colour PDF?so that we know what your job is supposed to look like.

Define the page as much as possible, i.e. define your margins in page setup (File - Page Setup) and use boxes for pictures and graphics to show their size and placement. Specify hard page breaks. Use tabs instead of spaces when aligning type/figures.

Supplying Logos & Graphics

WE DO NOT ACCEPT   Images used on websites – Low Resolution JPG, GIF, PNG (72dpi/96dpi).
These are not suitable for print (suitable for monitor viewing only).

Formats accepted

.ai   .eps   .pdf

Minimum resolution should be 600dpi, preferably 600-1200dpi and be at least the same size as you wish it to be printed.

Supplying Pictures

Formats accepted

.tif   .eps   .jpg   .pdf   .psd   .bmp

Minimum resolution should be 300ppi and be at least the same size as you wish it to be printed. If the image needs to be enlarged, increase the scanning resolution accordingly (e.g. 200% of original, double the resolution).

Important information before sending your file

Please provide a print out (or a colour PDF by email) of your file that will show us what your finished job is supposed to look like.

Ensure you have the right settings for your document.

Logos & Graphics should be a minimum of 600dpi resolution.

Pictures should be a minimum of 300ppi.

Always supply your documents with 3mm of bleed if you want them to print to the edge of the sheet/page.

If you are unable to supply your fonts, please convert to outlines.

MAC FONTS   We are on a PC platform. Please supply Mac fonts in a Stuffit archive, or on a MAC CD, so that we can convert them to PC (we need the Resource fork of the file for each font).


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Supplying Artwork

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