Auslan Update - 04 June, 2021

Victorian government reaches a deal with the Commonwealth over new quarantine hub.

  • The federal government will fund construction of a purpose-built quarantine hub in Victoria
  • The site has not been confirmed but may be located in either Mickleham or Avalon
  • The facility will be specifically designed to address issues in the hotel quarantine system
  • The Victorian hub is based on the Howard Springs facility in the Northern Territory
  • The deal has angered some members of the Queensland government which has been pushing for a new quarantine facility to be built at Wellcamp Airport, near Toowoomba

Scott Morrison to push for compulsory COVID vaccinations in Aged Care workers at today’s cabinet meeting.

  • The Federal Government is encouraging state and territory leaders to make it mandatory for aged care workers to get the vaccine.
  • The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) and The Health Workers Union (HWU) have advised against this decision
  • There are about 366,000 aged care workers in Australia. Only 35,000 have received two doses of the vaccine
  • Last year the flu vaccine was made mandatory for Aged Care staff, resulting in record lows in influenza cases and deaths in Aged Care