Auslan Update - 23 June, 2021

Victoria has now recorded seven days with one or fewer new local cases.

  • Victoria restrictions will ease again in Melbourne and regional Victoria.
  • More Victorians will be allowed to visit other people’s homes, return to offices and gather outdoors.
  • The number of home visitors will increase to at least 5.
  • Limits on outdoor gatherings will increase too.
  • No decision has been made on how many people can attend AFL matches this weekend.

Seven areas of NSW have been declared as Red Zones

  • The Chief Health Officer has declared seven areas of New South Wales as red zones. Victorian residents who have been in a red zone can obtain a permit to re-enter the state but must quarantine for 14 days.
  • The seven declared regions are:
    • City of Sydney
    • Waverley
    • Woollahra
    • Bayside
    • Canada Bay
    • Inner West
    • Randwick
  • Wollongong has been declared an Orange Zone, meaning anyone who visited that area must apply for a permit to re-enter Victoria.

LGBTQI+ construction workers say more support would help others come out.

  • A UNSW (University of NSW) report released yesterday on the experiences of LGBTQI+ workers in construction found many delayed coming out.
  • Many participants say they moderate (change/adapt) their behaviour to "fit in" to their workplaces.
  • The report also found leaders often lacked awareness of LGBTQI+ issues and failed to act when homophobic or transphobic behaviour surfaced.
  • A person who works at the construction business Lendlease was relieved with the reception he got when he disclosed his sexuality to his colleagues.

In Fiji, as COVID-19 outbreak continues, fears of political instability are increasing.

  • As Fiji's COVID-19 outbreak continues to devastate the country's economy, there are fears the crisis could create social unrest in the small Pacific island nation.
  • Protests are rare in Fiji, but there have been at least three recently by quarantined villagers.
  • Over the weekend, a wild street brawl erupted in a neighbourhood in the capital, Suva.
  • Calls to helplines have more than doubled since this time last year
  • A social worker says people are breaking COVID controls because they have run out of food and need help.