Auslan Update - 28 April, 2021


Super 'pink' moon shines across Australia as photographers snap their best shots.

  • Stargazers and photographers with a clear view of the sky overnight have enjoyed the sight of the super "pink" Moon across Australia.
  • A Supermoon only occurs once a few times a year.
  • Despite the name, the moon is not actually pink in colour. According to folklore, it is named “pink” after the first flower of the season.
  • In NSW plenty of residents saw the Supermoon as well as in Gippsland Vic, Brisbane, Tasmania, Western Australia and more.


Crown Casino in Melbourne fined $1 million over junket operations.

  • The Crown Casino has been fined with $1 million for bringing in gamblers who spend a lot of money from Asia to Australia.
  • Some of the gamblers have been linked to organised crime.
  • The Crown failed to stop this from happening.
  • The fine is the maximum penalty available and reflects the seriousness of the breach.

Commuters furious over Bendigo’s V/Line timetable changes.

  • Commuters are outraged at the latest timetable changes to Bendigo’s V/Line services saying the first train leaves the city too late and is unreliable and overcrowded.
  • The first train to Bendigo from Southern Cross now arrives at 8:20am.
  • V/Line said it can’t immediately add another train to the timetable.


Aboriginal artist sets record straight with ‘bloody’ statue of William Crowther.

  • The statue of 19th century naturalist, doctor and former premier William Crowther in Franklin Square has been reinterpreted by Tasmanian Aboriginal artist Allan Mansell.
  • William Crowther cut off the head and hands of an Aboriginal activists William Lanne (also known as ‘King Billy”) after his death in 1869.
  • At the time, William Crowther was criticised for it.
  • In 1889, a large bronze statue was erected in Crowther’s honour.
  • The statue has been criticised for only telling part of Crowther’s history.
  • Today it stands in red with an Aboriginal flag in one hand and a saw in the other.
  • The reinterpretation is part of Hobart City Council project designed to encourage conversation about the future of the statue.


India has recorded more than 320,000 new cases of coronavirus.

  • The health ministry reported another 2,771 deaths in the past 24 hours.
  • Indian government sources say they expect India to receive the largest chunk of the US’s extra vaccine does.
  • Britain as well as other nations including the US. Germany, Israel and Pakistan have promised medical aid. The countries have said they will supply oxygen, diagnostic test, treatments, ventilators and protective gear.